I want it my way…

The guest list was full and the kitchen would be packed.  Everyone had an opinion on the type of pizza they wanted for this momentous occasion of my grand daughter’s first birthday.  Thick crust, thin crust, original crust… pepperoni, extra cheese, olives, green peppers, Canadian bacon, anchovies??? Really?  The list went on and on. What was a hostess to do?
And then an idea began to form.  Wouldn’t it be fun if everyone made their own pizza?  Games at a one year olds birthday party was not the most appropriate.  This would be an activity that all ages could enjoy and help engage the guests.  It promoted interaction and communication between both sides of the family and was filled with excitement and laughter.  Repeatedly guests remarked on how much fun they had making their pizzas.
The first tray of personalized pizzas head to the oven.

1.  A pizza base is needed.  This can be done several ways.
a.  create a pizza crust and add a desired sauce.
1.  homemade crust and sauce
2.  refrigerated pizza crust or already prepared pizza crust
3.  manufactured sauce from a jar
b.  purchase a fresh cheese pizza from your grocery deli

2.  Decide what toppings you would like to offer.  Here are some examples:
ham, bacon, Canadian bacon, sausage, hamburger, mushrooms, olives, green peppers, pineapple,
spinach, broccoli &/or cauliflower, extra shredded cheese (mozzarella, parmesan, Mexican blend,
Place toppings in individual bowls and arrange them in a buffet like manner.

3.  Using pizza crust that has been prepared with sauce and cheese, cut into pie shaped wedges or in
a  “party cut”, which results  in more pieces.  “Party cut” is cut in rows like a tic-tack-toe pattern.
The pieces will be uneven in size providing a variety for every size appetite.

4.  Guests enter the buffet line choosing the size of pizza they desire. They add the toppings they
want and then place their piece on a baking sheet.

5.  When the baking sheet is full, pop it in the oven.

The guests had great fun fixing their own pizzas and waiting for it to bake.  When the freshly baked creations came out of the oven, announcements were made and people rushed to grab their own personalized pizza.  They went back for seconds and thirds and had so much fun creating a different version each time.

One person needs to be designated as the” oven mister”.  Coordination of the full baking pans going into the oven and being removed when golden brown will provide success to the activity.

This activity promises to be a crowd pleaser that produces many smiles and laughter!


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