The grocery line is long, the wait at the doctor’s office is taking forever,
you get caught behind a long freight train,
your younger children are really bored at their older sibling’s ball game…
What’s a parent to do?
When you are looking for a quick, easy entertaining idea,
pull out a sharpie pen and create a puppet show!

Finger and Fist puppets can be made in a few seconds…

the entertainment and fun lasts a whole lot longer.


Fist Puppet

Make a loose fist with your thumb tucked in. The space on the side of your fist,  between your thumb and finger, becomes the mouth. Draw lips here.  Draw eyes on the knuckle of your index finger.

Finger Puppets

Draw faces on your finger(s) and you are ready for a puppet show.  In the picture below, meet my “family”:  Spot the dog (thumb) Momma, Poppa, Brother and Sister. You can make them any way you want, in any color, or multiple colors!


             This type of puppet is a life saver when waiting anywhere with fidgety children. 

All you need is a pen and you can create instant fun.

So, go grab a pen and stick it in your purse, car, desk, kitchen drawer and/or brief case. 
You never know when you will need to spice up the moment!
·  Puppet tips 
          Home made puppets are great for times when you are waiting.  Put on a funny voice, make silly expressions and you can entertain children for hours. Or, they can entertain themselves or you. 
             Create books or a story line about your puppets. What is going on in their lives, where do they live, what do they like and dislike.  This is a great way to “see” into your child’s thoughts as they create their puppet’s story. 
            If you are at home, don’t be afraid to let children put on puppet shows with the flare of a large production.  Use a cardboard box, the back of a couch, a card table covered with a blanket or anything else you can dream up to perform the function of a puppet stage.  It will provide hours of entertainment for young and old alike.  Make sure there is a healthy round of applause after the performance.  And, don’t forget to take pictures! 

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