I thought it was a grand idea!  It was quick, easy, inexpensive and most of all fun!   I had seen the idea in a magazine and was eager to try it out.  Although it wasn’t the best traveling costume,  I felt it was worth the inconvenience.  This was twenty five years ago, but my son still remembers the costume.  I would like to say he remembered it with fondness… he was only five years old, who would have guessed?  But, he hated it then and still complains about what I “did to him” all these years later.  I tell him to “let it go”.  He smiles and shakes his head.  We’ll see what transpires when HIS children start dressing up for Halloween.

I still think it is a marvelous idea for younger school-age children, so I will share it with you.

A little jar of gumballs!  Only 35¢ please!

Here is what you will need to transform your little one into a jar of gumballs:

– One large clear plastic trash bag with a drawstring closing
– Small round balloons in multiple bright colors, blown up
– 1 piece of card stock cut to look like a price tag.
         I made my price tag on the computer, but you could also hand write the tag
– Solid color pants and long sleeve shirt


1.  Blow up several dozen balloons and tie them shut.  Set them aside until you are ready to fill your gumball 

2. Using a sharp pair of scissors, cut two leg holes in the bottom of the trash bag, then cut two arm holes
    toward the top of the bag- one on each side.

    Your child’s size will determine where these holes go and how large they should be.

3. Dress your child in solid color pants and shirt.

4.  Have your child step into the garbage bag, placing a foot through each of the leg holes at the bottom of
     the bag.

5. Carefully slip the child’s arms through the arm holes in the top of the bag.

6.  For this step a second pair of hands may be helpful.  Begin to add balloons inside of the garbage bag
     surrounding your child until you achieve the desired shape.

7.   Attach the SALE sign onto the drawstring of the bag.

8.  Tie shut – in a bow— NOT A KNOT-  “the jar of gumballs”  by tying the bag closed around the child’s
     neck.   Tie it in a bow for ease of removal and MAKE SURE IT IS COMFORTABLE – the same
    comfort amount used in the size of buttoning a shirt’s top button .   Obviously this costume is not for a very
    small child due to this step.

For safety there is the assumption that you are with your child during putting the costume on and taking it off as well as during the wearing of this costume.  Common sense must prevail.

When Halloween trick-or-treating is over make sure to have fun with the balloons!

Ideas for the balloons from the costume:

-play volleyball
-see who can keep their balloon in the air without  touching the floor the longest
-sit on balloons until they pop  🙂
-draw faces on balloons with permanent marker or pen and use them as puppets
-play “tennis” or “bad-mitten” with the balloons
-rub balloons on your hair and create static cling
-decorate your room or the center of the table

What other ideas can you think of?

Use the empty trash bag to collect the balloons when finished playing for easy clean-up.

Have a Fun, Safe and  Happy Halloween!

Inspired by the book:

Miraculous, Magical Moments in Minutes: 

Over 500 Quick, Easy Activities for Adults and Children to Share

by Becky Baxa
Available from http://www.Amazon.com
in both paperback and electronic versions
Blog posts are many times an extension of this book. 
We started at 500+ and are counting upward and onward!

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