Match-Making Game or Lotto Game

Build children’s memory skills as well as cooperation, when played with more than one child.
Materials Needed
Lids – from the top of frozen juice containers, or any other lid from a food container that is clean and free of sharp edges. If you have a can-opener that leaves smooth edges, lids from food cans will work.
Stickers – two of each design
Container with lid – for storage
Decorate one side of two lids so they match, using stickers.  Decorate the remaining lids in pairs so that each lid has a match.
To play, turn all the lids sticker side down.  Each player turns over 2 lids at a time, trying to find a match.  If they guess correctly and turn over two lids that match, they get to keep the pair.  If they guess incorrectly, they must turn the lids back over and it is the next person’s turn.  The player with the most matches at the end of the game wins.
Smaller children can play keeping all the lids sticker side up and find the matching pairs.
Below is a nativity sticker matching game.
                          (2 camels, 2 sheep, 2 baby Jesus, 2 angels, 2 Mary’s, 2 Joseph, etc.)


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