Who Am I?

Do you have some old file folders?  Don’t throw them away! They can still provide some fun and entertainment for you kids. ยท Who am I?     Paste a large picture of an animal inside a used or new file folder.  Pictures can be found in magazines, calendars, computer, fronts of cereal boxes, or even old greeting […]

Do You Hear What I Hear?

I close my eyes and listen… A strong steady beat rings loudly to my left.  I never noticed the clock ticking so loudly.  The air conditioning is running, there is a forced air sound coming from the vents.  There is another deeper sound I can’t identify and if I am not mistaken a bird just chirped […]

Effective Communication

I have saved this cartoon for years because I just love the message!  How many times have we been guilty of saying, “mmm”, “ahh”, “ohh”, etc. when someone we love tries to tell us something?  Effective communication takes time and active listening.  It requires listening with your eyes, as well as your ears.  It requires listening without flipping through I-phones, […]