Movement caught my eye.   A flash of color burst open and then floated away.  Butterflies had arrived!   Such incredible colors.  Such amazingly graceful movement.  Such a wonder to behold.   Photo property of Hidden Splendor Publishing ©     As butterflies float on summer breezes it is a great time to incorporate butterfly […]

Water Painting

It is 84 degrees today. The sun is shining  brightly, the trees are starting to turn and there is a wonderful smell of expectancy in the air. The crops in the fields have turned beautiful shades of brown resulting in a flurry of activity as harvest begins.  It is a perfect Fall day! Most pools have been […]

The Hidden Designs in Your Veggies!

    Including vegetables in your family meal adds both color and nutrition!    Next time you cut up a vegetable, before you throw away the vegetable wastes, why not plan to add a little extra fun to the after dinner entertainment.    Extend the life of those vegetables that are:  slightly brown   wrinkled  shriveled etc. […]