Children’s Bean Pole Tee Pee

My mom loves to garden.  When I was little she would set up places for me to play in the yard while she pulled weeds and tended to her plants.  A blanket would be thrown over the clothes line for a tent, the card table would be brought outside, set beside the garden, covered with […]

A Cardboard Box… let the magic begin!

A new appliance has joined the family and you are getting ready to throw out the packing material.  After all… It’s just a cardboard box… STOP! Don’t throw it away. Create, pretend and play first! If you aren’t in the market for a new appliance, do not fear.  Contact any store that sells appliances and […]

Cardboard Box Fun!

It looks like an ordinary cardboard box… But, to a child is becomes a… fort space ship garage secret hide-out boat car play house maze etc.   Years ago we had just moved to another state.  Many things weren’t unpacked yet and I was looking for something creative for the kids to do.  So, we […]