Jack-o-Lantern Fun!

I just recently returned from a trip “up north”.  The colors were amazing and the air was crisp and cool!  It seemed that about every mile, we passed a produce stand.  It was glorious.  One stand had an old fashioned scale with weights and balances, like the kind you could find in doctor’s offices.  It […]

Glove Finger Puppets

  Think Before You Toss! Make your gloves come to life!   You have been working hard and one of your rubber gloves has developed a hole or tear in it.  Before you throw it out, STOP!  You can extend the life of those gloves.  Turn the good parts into finger puppets!  Your kids will […]

Bugs & Beasties

A perfect 72 degrees, the heavens filled with twinkling stars and the serenade of tree frogs filled the air.  The sweet aroma of the buds bursting into daily new eye candy assaulted the senses and I sighed in peace.  This was a perfect night.  And then I saw it… a flash of light so quick that I […]

Bird’s Nest Enhancers

For years we raised livestock…Saanen dairy goats, horse and pony and a calf here and there.  Naturally in the spring these animals would shed their winter coats in preparation for the long hot summer.  Many nights were spent combing and grooming the animals, including our dog and cats, in order to assist them in refining their […]

Candy Canes Second Time Around!

There they sat.  Each time I opened the pantry the little pile seemed to beg me to pay attention. It was sad really.  A reminder of that warm, happy time of year that always produces feelings of love and joy.  And yet, this left-over pile that was a treat relished during the holiday season  sat abandoned […]

Stencils… only a container away!

Stencils   I was about to throw away the cottage cheese carton when my hand stopped mid-air! Out whisked the cookie cutters, a marker, a small exacto knife, a cutting board and WAH-LA a stencil was born.                            Use a lid from the peanut butter jar, cool whip carton, yogurt, cottage cheese  or any […]

Match-Making Game

Match-Making Game or Lotto Game Build children’s memory skills as well as cooperation, when played with more than one child.   Materials Needed Lids – from the top of frozen juice containers, or any other lid from a food container that is clean and free of sharp edges. If you have a can-opener that leaves […]

Quick, Easy Christmas Activities

  During the Christmas season, life can become hectic, to say the least.  But, it is important to remember not to let the urgent things keep you away from the important things. Take time to play with your kids each day.  Here are a few quick, easy, fun ideas.  If you have older children they […]

Catch Me If You Can!

Such a simple idea!   Next time you empty a milk carton, don’t throw it away!  Any other plastic carton with a handle will also work (vinegar, dish soap, etc.)   Cut away the front of the carton, leaving the handle to make a “catcher’s mitt”.  Attach string, cording, shoelace, etc. by tying one end to the milk […]