Recently, we attended a charity event for spinal cord injury victims and their families. 
The event coordinators had provided lots of easy, fun activities for the children. 
One of these activities was a watermelon seed spitting contest.  What fun the kids had!
This reminded me of a time in college when a group I belonged to had a similar contest. 
I don’t remember how I did in that contest.  But, the memory that is engraved in my mind is that of one of my professors who sat on a grassy knoll and spit watermelon seeds farther than any of the students could.  She was remarkable and memorable. 
The point of this stroll down memory lane is that this activity is great fun for all ages.
  So, pick up a watermelon at the local produce stand or grocery store
(not the fancy “no seed” varieties) and have a family contest. 
Invite the neighbors over and let them join in the fun too!

I have a garden patch…I’ve got my eye on the watermelons that I planted
 and my fingers crossed for a good crop.  
                                                   I feel a contest coming in my future!

This Blog Post is inspired from the book:
Miraculous, Magical Moments in Minutes:
Over 500 Quick, Easy Activities for Adults and Children to Share
by Becky B. Baxa
If you would like more fun ideas to share with your children
(that do not require batteries or electronics )
you can purchase this 180 page book,
full of color photos,
for $21.95
from or
from the gift shop at Shaw Nature Reserve in Gray Summit, MO,
Silver Dollar City- General Store in Branson, MO .
This book can also be checked out of the following libraries:
Scenic Regional Library – Union and Pacific, Missouri
First Christian Church – Washington, Missouri
Hawaii State Library – Honolulu, Hawaii
Story City Public Library – Story City, Iowa
Ellsworth Public Library – Ellsworth, Maine

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