Sweetly Delicious

The Quest for Becoming Sweetly Delicious to God and Others

By Becky Baxa

Are you searching for a Bible study that is serious about the Word, yet fun and full of action?  Do you want a study that doesn’t end when the last page is finished?  Are you looking for a catalyst that propels you into action and changes your behavior to be more sweetly delicious to God and others?  If so, Sweetly Delicious, the Bible study, in coordination with the book What Kind of Chocolate Are You? by Becky Baxa will be a sweet experience!

This delightful journey digs into scripture with creativity and uniqueness. It is a study that will challenge you, making scripture become real; and turn learning into action that affects daily life.

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Blessings to our first group

Blessings to these women… the first group to begin Sweetly Delicious Bible study since its release to the public. We are praying that you have a wonderfully sweet journey through the Scriptures!

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"The Bible study was just what I needed. I loved the personal stories that you shared and getting to meet new friends. Your friendly, out-going personality really kept everyone involved. I liked that you included us throughout each session by having us participate. For me personally, it was just what I needed. I really felt compelled to attend in the first place and the sessions left me feeling replenished and refreshed, reminding me of the importance of God in our daily lives"
"I liked the real life examples best- your mission trip to China and ways you try everyday to be a witness for Christ. The scriptures tie into the lessons from your real life experiences so well. It was inspiring as in today's world we can get so wrapped up in the mundane details and easily forget about being "sweetly delicious" following God's way."
"This is a thought provoking and fun study. Becky's joy for the Lord and life is inspiring. I enjoyed learning about how Christ molds us to be "sweetly delicious" and the similarities to how chocolate is made. I hope there are more studies like this one."
"I was so encouraged by all the scripture and activities. I felt loved by God and equipped to go out and make a difference loving people around me every day and whoever I might meet."
Two words to describe this Bible study: uplifted , happy
"Every week was a blessing!"
One participants description: This study parallels our Christian walk with the process of making delicious chocolate. It is an adventurous walk through scriptures that will help you love others intentionally and extravagantly. Each week of the study, you are challenged to go out and act on what you learned. In the last lesson, you will complete your action plan for the next year. You will be blessed and bless others!
I love that this study included different activities for all different types of people.
"This study is so encouraging! Every lesson reminds me how much God loves me and helps me find ways to to out and love others. There are personal stories from the author, Becky Baxa's life that lead into each lesson. It feels like you are talking to a friend! There are so many fun activities: prayer, scripture memory, journal opportunities, music, crafty things, etc. And, each lesson includes fun chocolate trivia. The best part of this study for me is that it challenges each participant to write a very specific plan of action for a goal they feel God leading them to accomplish. I did this, and even though it seemed impossible to me at the time, the other ladies at the study joined me in prayer and God has opened door after door to show me that yes, it was Him leading me toward this goal. Don't miss a chance to get this book and attend this study. It really could change your life!" L.S. May 2018

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