Sweetly Delicious


The Quest for Becoming Sweetly Delicious to God and Others

Sweetly Delicious is a Bible study that coordinates with the Book, “What Kind of Chocolate Are You?”. This six lesson study is a delightful journey that digs into scripture with creativity and uniqueness.

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Embark upon a sweet journey that will positively affect your relationships! Are you searching for a Bible study that is serious about the Word, yet fun and full of action? Do you want a study that doesn’t end when the last page is finished? Are you looking for a catalyst that propels you into action and changes your behavior to be more sweetly delicious to God and others? If so, Sweetly Delicious, the Bible study, in coordination with the book What Kind of Chocolate Are You? by Becky Baxa will be a sweet experience!

This delightful journey digs into scripture with creativity and uniqueness.
It is a study that will challenge you, making scripture become real; and turn learning into action that affects daily life.

8.5″ x 11″ Paperback Spiral bound workbook, 209 pages


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