Queen Anne’s Lace—Flower Dyeing Experiment

Recently we traveled to central Missouri on a boating trip.  We passed fields and ditches of dainty Queen Anne’s lace gently blowing in the wind.  It was if someone was shaking a delicate lace table cloth. Over and over I sucked in a breath of wonder at the colorful feast before my eyes.  Everywhere you looked white Queen Anne’s Lace, bright […]

Color Changing Flowers

A mile from our house, I stopped at a stop sign and sucked in a breath of wonder at the colorful feast before my eyes.   The ditch was filled with white lacy Queen Anne’s Lace, bright yellow Brown Eyed Susan’s, and pale cornflower blue Chicory.  It was if an artist had spent the evening painting a masterpiece […]

April Showers Bring May Flowers

MAY DAY   May Day is a traditional Spring holiday celebrated on May first by many people in our world.  The history is long and diverse.  We had just moved to a new state and my children’s school had May Day activities.  I was so surprised, as this had not been observed in our prior two […]

Color Explosion!

Flowers, Flowers everywhere…A rainbow greets your eyes as you look out the window!   What a feast for the senses.  There are many activities you can create with the flowers in your life. What is each flower’s name? How many different kinds of flowers are in the yard/park/neighborhood?  How are the flowers alike?  Different?  What shapes and colors do you […]