“It takes a village” is a common saying and it is so true. So, when Hidden Splendor finds a resource that helps and assists parents and families, they are only too happy to share.

The family unit is the cornerstone of society!  It’s health is vital to the social wellness of our country’s future.  Anything we can do to encourage, support, uplift and inspire the family in a positive way is a good thing!

Hidden Splendor would like to introduce you to a fellow child and family advocate, Smart Parent Advice.  Smart Parent Advice began by wanting to make parenthood more rewarding and enjoyable, while removing the excess stress, uncertainties and worries of being a parent.  Their site offers resources backed by extensive research and practical real-life information. 

Check out the recent article above, Great Games for Kids, by Ryan & Cristin Howard at smartparentadvice.com

Wishing you a day blessed with unexpected delights

along with smiles, hugs, and fun interaction with your children!

Enjoy each minute! (even the stressful ones!) Time seriously flies by in a blink of an eye! So, cherish those nights up with a crying or sick child. Take a breath and calmly ride out the tantrums and challenges. One day your children will be gone and all that remains will be your memories. Make them good ones!

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