More Than a Piece of Chalk

Chalk… a stick of originally white porous sedimentary carbonate rock.  A form of limestone composed of the mineral calcite.  It gets on our fingers and clothes and now , a popular children’s “toy” available in a rainbow of colors for children to play with each summer. Such a scientific description for a whole lot of […]

Simple Joys!

My July 9th  post was about letting kids be… well kids!  It has been my philosophy for years, and one in which I receive great delight. In today’s electronic age I often wondered if I was becoming old fashioned in my thoughts.  Then recently, while we were traveling, a thunderstorm blew in quickly.  We scrambled for cover […]

Let Them Be Kids!

When my children were between the ages of 4 and 9 we lived in a place that was very flat geographically.  However, we had a ditch in our front yard that collected with water when it rained.   The boys would watch it fill with anticipation  and as soon as the storm would pass they threw off […]