Reading to Babies: An Invaluable Gift

Invaluable…Valuable beyond calculable estimation…  Priceless…  That is the gift you give your child when you begin reading to them the moment they are born. Numerous articles can be found on the importance and value to your child if you begin reading to them from the minute they are born (or even before!).  You may think, […]

Back to School! Let the Learning Begin!

  Sight Word Fun! Parents can help reinforce classroom learning through fun, exciting games at home  in ways that kids will never even know they are still learning! For your new reader, here are a few ideas to practice sight words: 1.  Hide and Seek  Using Post-It Notes,  cardboard, construction paper, deck of cards or note […]

Do You Have a Book About That?

 picture source unknown My four year old came screaming into the house carrying a bird’s nest.  At the top of his lungs he yelled, “MOM!, look what I found!  Do we have a book about this?” My husband looked at me, raised one eyebrow and shook his head.  He muttered, “you’ve ruined that boy!”.  […]

Story Time

The sky is overcast today.  I hear an occasional rumble, as if someone is moving furniture above my head, and the rain is tapping out a soothing rhythm on my window pane.  The draw is great, as if magnetic, pulling me to the book on the end table.  I can’t remember NOT reading.  I read […]