You are never too old to give or receive a hug!

Hugs…there is so much to say about hugs!  Hugging is good for people.  It makes both people feel better.  One size fits all, it uses little energy but gives a huge power boost!  Hugs help relieve tension, reduce stress, help you relax and feel loved.  They fight depression and loneliness.  Hugs make you beam with a raised self esteem.  They are free with no  negative side effects.  They don’t require batteries or check-ups and are available in endless supply.  Hugs are chemical free, naturally sweet, and are 100 percent wholesome. 
Have you ever noticed the “huggy” people in your lives always find the positive and seem to be filled with more joy?  Without a doubt, hugs generate good will, open up feelings of being connected, safe and accepted.   A hug might possibly be the best “medicine” you can get or give each day. 
So, your miraculous moment is to give hugs!  Hugs in the morning, hugs in the noon time,  hugs in the evening, hugs at bedtime.  HUGS!  It is a precious moment that will create magical memories for both the giver and the receiver!  So go hug someone!  Never hug tomorrow  someone you can hug today.
Quality time with your children/family members doesn’t have to take
large amounts of time, money or preparation. 
Every day make eye contact, smile and give abundant hugs. 
Talk to… not at… each family member.  Put away the “electronic guests” and distracting “screens”.
Listen with your eyes and whole body as well as your ears.
The results will be wonderful!

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