Easter is over and baskets with half eaten chocolate bunnies and cracked open plastic eggs adorn your child’s room.  You are still finding pieces of plastic green grass stuck to your sock as you walk around the house.  Spring is getting closer, but is not quite here.  So, what can you do to make this week a little more eggciting?

Plastic Egg Crafts

This is a great way to reuse Easter eggs, especially for the eggs that one side is broken.  This cute guy would make a great “bookworm” or snake to play with. 
Materials Needed:
Lacing Cord or twine
Newer Style Plastic Easter Eggs with two holes on the top and bottom OR
                                 carefully poke a hole in the center of each half of the older plastic eggs. 
                                Try using a thumb tack to make holes.
Googly Eyes (or can be drawn on with permanent marker)
Red felt tongue (or draw on a smile with a permanent marker)
1.  Measure and cut a cord about 30-36 inches long.
2.  Make a know on the end of your cord.
3.  Thread lacing through on of the egg half shell holes
4.  Continue threading the cord through the top shells alternating the left and right holes as you go, if
     you are using the newer eggs with pre-made holes.
5.  When your cord is full, knot the cord on the end to hold the egg shells together.
6.  Decorate the worm/snake’s head using the bottom of one of the eggs.
7.  Attach the googly eggs with glue
8.  Make a tongue or smile.
9.  Snap the bottom onto the last shell top.
You are ready to play!
Photo source and additional ideas: 
Insert a flameless LED tea light into on end of a plastic Easter egg. No glue is needed.
Poke holes through the egg with a thumbtack to insert  pipe cleaners to create two antenae.
Eyes can be directly drawn on the egg with permanent marker or onto white dot labels and stuck to the egg.
Wings can be made with any color duct tape.
Quick, easy, and adorable!

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