Easter brings about thoughts of eggs, bunnies, pastel colors, Easter bonnets, new clothes,
new birth, baby animals, green grass, chicks, spring flowers – daffodils and tulips, etc.

One of my favorite activities is coloring eggs and the great Easter Egg Hunt.

Here is a new twist for this year’s egg hunt. 
Why not treat a friend or neighbor to not only a nice surprise , but the greatest gift of all…
the true meaning of Easter and the gift of God’s Son!

You can use plastic eggs filled with treats and/or notes, real eggs (with one egg blown out before coloring) or a combination of both.

Here is an example of a sign you might deliver after you have “egged” the yard.



Photo source:  www.sisterssuitcasblog.com
A kitchen whisk can be used to hold a single egg as you dip it into a color.
Holding the handle of the whisk keeps the color off of little hands and only on the egg.

An empty egg carton can be turned upside down and the bottoms sniped off with a pair of scissors. 
This works terrific to dry your Easter eggs in!


 For dozens of ideas, activities and children’s games using plastic eggs,

please visit the March 24, 2013 post on this blog entitled: 

Eggcitement with Plastic Eggs. 


Happy Easter!

 Inspired by the book:

Miraculous, Magical Moments in Minutes:

Over 500 Quick, Easy Activities for Adults and Children to Share

by Becky Baxa
Available from http://www.Amazon.com
in both Kindle and Paperback versions

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