Entertaining Shadows


Sooooo big!

 Copy Me!  What do you see?

Dinner was done and I was cleaning up the kitchen.  Sounds of visiting and happiness filled the air.  And then, giggling and laughter swirled around me elevating to a level that just had to be investigated.  What did I find?  The end table lamp shade had been removed and a shadow show was in progress.  Aunties can be so much fun! 

Animals appeared and “copy me” games transpired. They ended up rolling on the floor in laughter and hugs. Such great memories and so much fun happened as our “dessert” for the evening. More than our stomachs were filled that night. 

Alternative Ideas:

Put your hand in front of a flashlight beam or lamp without a shade to make shadows on the wall or ceiling. 
  • Animal Shadows
A fist with two fingers held up straight can be a hopping bunny. 
Movement of your thumb snapped up to your fingers becomes a crocodile. 
Fingers interlaced become flying birds.
What other animals can you create?

  •  Shadow Object Guessing Game

Hold up different ojects and guess what it is!  Move the object closer to the light and then farther away from the light to make the object bigger and smaller. 

How does the distance from the light change the shape of the shadow?

  • Silhouettes 

Tape a piece of paper onto the wall over your shadow.  Hold really still and have someone trace your silhouette!  Use black construction paper and white chalk to outline your shadow for a black silhouette.  Or, use white paper, trace your shadow and then color it in with your hair color, etc.  Cut out your silhouette and glue it onto a piece of  construction paper in your favorite color.  Don’t forget to sign and date your masterpiece!


· Have a shadow puppet show 

Animals or paper shapes (made out of cardboard or construction paper) glued to Popsicle sticks  or straws held in front of a flashlight beam makes shadows on the wall. Make up a story as you go along or perform your favorite story book.
    Shadows are a quick, easy, inexpensive was to create some magical fun moments with your family!
    When it gets dark tonight, why not give it a try?

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