For those of you following this blog from the beginning, you know it was created from the inspiration of a book I recently wrote entitled Miraculous, Magical Moments in Minutes Over 500 Quick Easy Activities for Adults and Children to Share.

A passion exists  within me to promote the family unit, strengthing relationships and helping to improve our society and world one family at a time.  The family is a great place to start to create a better future for our world.

Kristi Carambula, Administrator for Early Childhood Programs
B.A.S Communication Disorders, M.A. Educational Leadership

Kalamazoo RESA, Kalamazoo, Michigan

shares her views of this new book and its effects on families and children:

“How did children spend their time before video games,
computers, texting, children’s TV programming 24/7, and DVDs in homes, bedrooms
and cars?  Why were children who grew up
prior to the “screen time” era hardly ever bored?  And why were they so prepared for success in
school and for choosing what they wanted to do or be when they grew up?
The answers are all in the amazingly easy to follow, wonderfully
easy to do, imaginative trip down memory lane prepared for parents and
caregivers by Becky Baxa in her “Miraculous, Magical Moments in Minutes” – a
book with 500 activities for adults to share with the children in their
lives.  Reading the book just made me
smile as I travelled through the various ways to make everyday materials become
an exciting and satisfying learning laboratory for children.  Most of the activities are displayed with photos
and happy smiles.  You, too, will be led back
to your own childhood when a box was a fort, a building block, a post office, a
puppet theater… you get the idea.
If you are a parent, grandparent, child care provider – or someone
who just wants to enrich the life of a child, buy this book, enjoy each page,
and use it to make every day moments with the children in your life fun
teaching and learning experiences.  You will
be making memories that they will carry with them for their lifetime!”



4 thoughts on “Miraculous, Magical Moments in Minutes Over 500 Quick Easy Activities for Adults and Children to Share

  1. I recently read an article about the importance of play as the foundation to such successful learning. The only thing lacking from the article were ways to promote play. I am only on page 51 of your book and my mind is swimming with ideas. I can't wait to jump in! For me the hardest part about becoming an adult was "forgetting" how to play. I had such a vivid imagination as a child. Your book is reminding me that that child is still within me an I am bringing her out to play with my children.

  2. This is wonderful! I am so pleased that you have been inspired and are encouraged to "let loose" and PLAY! After all, play is a child's work. Isn't it fun to realize we can join them on this journey? It may look like "goofing off" to the uninformed outsider, but we know that this is a valuable role of parenthood… to enrich, encourage, and supply many opportunities to learn, grow, expand creativity, self confidence and build a higher self esteem in our children. These efforts will also produce a more unified family that has stronger relationships with more effective communication. And, we all know how valuable those characteristics will be going into parenting our teens!

    Have a great adventure finding your inner child! I look forward to hearing about your new miraculous, magical moments!

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