The dog days of summer are upon us.
Below are a few recipes that my kids loved (the whole family actually) that can perk up your day,
cool off a hot, weary body
and add a splash of fun and pep to a sizzling afternoon of high temperatures.
When the kids were little a neighbor gave us the Fruit Sparkle Ice Cube recipe below
that makes any day a party.
We “dressed” up our summer meals with these festive, colorful ice cubes.
You can use one color or a variety of colors.  Use whatever matches the occasion or mood.
My kids loved to mix colors and experiment with what color they would melt into.  For example red and blue ice cubes not only produce an interesting flavor combination, but when they melt the make a purple drink!  Now how cool is that?
Ice cubes made in specialty ice cube trays produce fun shapes. 
Hearts were our favorite!   

Fruit Sparkle Ice Cubes
“Mix one small package of powdered drink mix
with 2/3 cup of sugar and 4 cups of water.
Pour into an ice cube tray and freeze. Any flavor can be used. 
If several flavors are made you can put one of each flavor in a glass,
making it more festive.
Examples: red and green at Christmas, red for Valentine’s Day,
green for  St. Patrick’s Day, red and blue for Patriotic days,
pastel colors for Spring and Easter, orange for Halloween, etc.
Serve with a lemon-lime soda poured over the top of the cubes.”  

For a healthier, refreshing summer drink add fresh fruit to the above recipe or
to plain water to make your drinks.  You can also experiment with your favorite juices.
Example: Place one raspberry, blueberry,strawberry or a mint leaf in each ice cube tray section filled with water before you freeze.

Another very fun, and healthy, summer drink is to serve low fat vanilla ice cream (or frozen yogurt) with orange juice!  Or throw in your favorite fruit, vanilla yogurt, some fruit juice or milk and ice cubes into a blender.  This makes a delicious, refreshing drink!

Have fun!  Experiment with the possibilities and stay cool!

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