At this time of year, our mind frequently thinks about angels. 

Angels can be found hanging on Christmas trees, sitting on shelves as decoration, located in nativity sets, arranged in yards illuminated with lights, hanging on walls and on the front of Christmas greeting cards.

Angels play a large part in the Christmas story.  An angel told Mary she would give birth to the Christ child.  Angels told the shepherds that baby Jesus had been born.  An angel came to Joseph in a dream to warn him of the evil plan of King Herod and again to tell Joseph when it was safe to return to the land of Israel.  You can read the complete story in Matthew 2 and Luke 2 in the Holy Bible.
With angels playing a central role during the holiday season, it is only natural to combine it with the little “angels” in your life.  This project is perfect to capture the size of your children this year.  Make sure you have them sign and date their creation.  It is fun to look back at the size of their prints and how they sign their name in years to come.
This would be a treasure to Grandparents on the front of a shirt or sweatshirt.  Parents and relatives would love to have a framed “angel” or card with their loved ones prints on the front. 
Create your angels on paper or fabric.Use poster paint on paper or fabric paint on fabric.  If your creation is on paper, a piece of garland or a pipe cleaner make a great halo.  On fabric a piece of gold cording or ribbon sewn on make a lovely halo.
Have fun making a host of heavenly angels this holiday season!

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