As evening approaches, out of the corner of your eye, you see a flash.  At first you ignore it and then you realize there is another one!  In that moment you realize that summer has arrived and is ready to perform its first presentation of the “evening lights”…the lightning bugs have arrived! 

As an adult you have flashbacks of carefree evenings spent collecting these amazing insects in jars of various shapes and sizes.  The running around and calls, “I got one!” fill your memories with a sigh of deep contentment.  You smile as you recall drifting off to sleep with the flashing jar sitting next to your bed as the evening’s night light. The flash morse code telling a story that only the insects could understand. Ahh… the magical memories of childhood!

As a parent, you shout to the kids and race for a jar.  Chances are the kids probably noticed them first!  Then, the fun begins as you pass on this classic activity to yet another generation.

Are your kids really interested in this insect? Read up on why they flash. What do they eat? Where do they sleep? How long do they live? Why are they only present now? So many things to learn!

Today is a perfect day and the night promises to be beautiful.  Take a family moment and collect some lightning bugs. 

Remember, after you have caught and taught, release the bugs before you go to bed.

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