What a thrill it is for children to be able to recognize, spell and write their name! 
Here is an idea that will make learning to write their name a fun activity!

What you will need:  
crayons or colored pencils
a willing child  🙂
1.  Write your child’s name in large block letters across the paper. 
2.  Guide your child in tracing over the letters in a different color. 
3.  Repeat this process with numerous colors until your rainbow name is beautiful! 
Younger children may need help at first in guiding their hands
for coordination in holding the crayon. 

Photo property of Hidden Splendor ©

Photo property of Hidden Splendor ©

Inspired from the book:

Miraculous, Magical Moments in Minutes:

Over 500 Quick, Easy Activities for Adults and Children to Share

by Becky Baxa
Available from http://www.Amazon.com
in both Kindle and Paperback versions

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