Ways to Keep Your Kids Summer Safe, Fun and Productive

Hidden Splendor was recently contacted by http://mydadventures.com mydadventures offered an article that shared ideas and resources tohelp continue learning (in fun and creative ways) through the summer months for the school-age/older child. June, July and August provide opportunities for our children to continue learning in a non-school setting. This is ideal for the student who […]

Traditional Turkey Hand Print

The traditional hand print turkey never gets old.  That is why each year we revisit this simple, easy, quick and fun activity that can include every member of the family from young to old!  This is a classic treasure!  Each year when my kids were little we would make a hand print turkey. The boys would […]

Plastic Egg Fun!

For weeks we have been counting the days until the official start of Spring. And, today is the day! Spring is a time of fresh new beginnings. Baby animals and birds are being born. Plants poke their heads up through the ground after a long Winter’s nap. They shed their warm coats, opening up their buds […]

Banana Secret Messages

How about a quick, fun idea?  An idea so easy you can do it today! All you need is a banana, an ink pen and a little imagination..   We recently had a party with the movie,  Despicable Me as the theme.    Below are some bananas that became “minion” guests at the party.   […]

Smile Break

Food for Thought   Have you looked into your spouse &/or child’s eyes and SMILED at them today? Watch their face light up as you make a heart connection.   How about this question? Have you had a one-on-one conversation with each family member today? Not the kind where you tell them to wash up […]

What Do You think?

It is rather exciting!  Creating Magical Moments Blog has people peeking in from over 18 countries.   We would like to know what you think?    What brings you back to this site?  What are you looking for?    What type of activities would you like to see more of?    What are some of your […]

Fun and Learning with Household Chores

Last week at this time it was -7 degrees below zero outside and eleven inches of snow laid a white blanket covering my yard and decorating the shrubs and trees.  Today, the thermometer tempted the 60 degree mark, and only small patches of snow lay in shady concealed patches as evidence of the recent past […]

Daily Question

Would you like to start the New Year by increasing the closeness of family members?    Increasing your interaction and communication with family members is as easy as asking a simple question.   The  activity below will be as popular with your teenager as it will be with your preschool aged child.   I have participated in this […]

The Power of Observation

  Family was all around and conversation turned to the car my youngest son drove.  I knew the make of the car and the color.  That was pretty impressive for me!  But then, a cousin asked if it had two or four doors.  Sounds like a simple enough question, yet I paused…I didn’t know the […]