With the outbreak of Coronovirus, families have found themselves together for days on end with more days to come. Homeschooling may not be your thing and now you are faced with 24/7 responsibilities. As you place on the hat of teacher, as well as parent, many are scrambling for resources and ideas. We certainly don’t want our kids to fall behind in school and we don’t want them attached to a screen for the upcoming weeks. However, trying to teach academics might be an uphill battle for some families. So, we need to be creative and keep in mind that family harmony and creating good memories at this time is a high priority. Remember your kids are watching how you handle the stress and will repeat your behaviors. Children are mini tape recorders and mirrors reflecting all they see and hear.

Miraculous, Magical Moments in Minutes is available through Amazon.com in both hard copy and Kindle version. A link can be found on our homepage for ease of ordering. Just today we created a special on the Kindle version for your convenience during this unprecedented (in most of our lifetime) situation.

So, here are a few resources to help broaden your choices and generate ideas. Over 500 ideas can be found in my book, Miraculous, Magical Moments in Minutes: Over 500 Quick, Easy Activities for Adults and Children to Share. These activities use items commonly found around the home, items you frequently throw away, or no materials at all! These open-ended activities can be modified to meet the developmental needs of your child as well as adapted to different age groups. For example, your preschooler may be working on numbers while your school-age child masters Roman numerals. Learning can take place without your child even knowing that you are having “school”! Making learning fun for them, and for you, are possible with these activities.

In addition: An extension of Miraculous Magical Moments book ideas can be found on Hidden Splendor’s Pinterest boards, created especially for parents. Click on the link on our website’s home page to access these specific boards, plus much more, accessing literally hundreds of additional ideas.

The Pinterest board titled “Kids-Making Learning Fun” would be especially helpful for home-school goals. The board “Kids- Plastic Egg Activities” provides seasonal ideas that include a multitude of learning experiences. It is amazing at all the fun ways to learn with plastic Easter eggs! Check it out.

Enjoy and have a fun time together with your children! Look for and find the many blessings tucked away in this world crisis. One of those blessings, is that you have been given time to truly get to know and enjoy your children.

This world problem can crash head on into so many opportunities… creating “probortunities”! The possibilities are endless!  Keep your eyes open and be amazed!

You will be in my thoughts and prayers as you embark on this incredible new adventure. Good luck and have fun making happy memories!

God Bless you!


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