The traditional hand print turkey never gets old.  That is why each year we revisit this simple, easy, quick and fun activity that can include every member of the family from young to old!  This is a classic treasure!

 Each year when my kids were little we would make a hand print turkey. The boys would write their name under their creation and we would add the date. These fine feathered fowl would be transformed into a holiday greeting card and away it would travel over the miles to brighten the face of their Granny. Granny saved these cards for years creating a flock of turkeys of varying sizes on her refrigerator door. We didn’t plan it, but it turned out to be a wonderful way to watch and remember the growth of our children.
It’s that time of year again to pull out the paper, markers and maybe even paint or ink pads to continue the tradition onto the next generation of children in our family.
I foresee a flock of turkeys being created to decorate my refrigerator!
Traditions are a wonderful component of building strong families. Spending time together, interacting, laughing and communicating helps cement the bonds of family relationships.

Why not add turkey hand prints to your family traditions?

Below a group comprising four generations enjoy making handprint turkeys  as an after dinner family activity.
Each person traces their hand, colors in the feathers then adds what they are thankful for somewhere on the paper.
They sign and date their creation and it is added to the photo album.

Supplies Needed:
Paper – size and color are your choice.  Plain paper or construction paper can be used.
Markers if you want to trace your hand print
Finger paint or ink pads if you want to stamp your hand print
Crayons or markers to add a turkey beak, feet, wattle etc.


Trace or imprint your hand print onto a piece of paper with your fingers spread out wide. The fingers become the turkey’s feathers. Your thumb is the turkey neck and head. Use a thumb print for the turkey wattle. Or, use markers/crayons to add the feet, eye, wattle, feather colors, etc.
Are you feeling adventurous?  Bring out the paint and create a hand and foot print turkey!
Source:  unknown


Turkeys should be allowed to be any color, depending on your child’s preference.
In reality, they DO show a rainbow of colors in the wild when sunlight hits their feathers!
When my oldest son was in kindergarten, the teacher refused to hang up his turkey because he colored it “wrong”. He had made a beautiful purple turkey with green legs. His self esteem took a big hit that day, when he was not included with the rest of his class. So, no matter what color your child interprets their turkey to be, hang it up with pride and joy. Let their creativity be expressed in any form they wish to take. Let them think “out of the box” and enjoy the fruits of their efforts!
The month of November or even the week of Thanksgiving can provide an opportunity to concentrate on being grateful.  As the turkeys are being made, open up conversation and see how many things your family can name that they are grateful to have.
Here are some ideas to get you going:

What ________ are you grateful for?

* smell  *food  *memory  *taste  *ability  * moment this week  *friend  * family member  * tradition

*person  *sight  *book  * sound  *technology  *color  * in nature  *place  *texture  * season  * holiday
* luxury * song  * musical instrument  * daily item you use  *animal
 What other things can you think of?
Happy Thanksgiving!  Wishing you a helping of double blessings this year!

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