1-2-3 JUMP! The Fun of Raking Leaves.

Have you heard the expression, “Many Hands Make Light Work”? This is such a true statement and the reason our family owned four pitchforks. For you see, even though the kids grumbled going to the barn to clean stalls, we always ended up having lots of fun together and everyone was smiling when we left […]

Fall Leaf Pressing Projects

            The fall season officially started on September 23.  As the trees become flaming sources of color for your delight, it is fun to bring some of that beauty into your home.  Here are a couple of fun projects that can be enjoyed for those ages 2-102.              Take a nature hike and collect pretty […]

Leaf Rubbings

There was  crispness in the air this morning with a promise that fall was approaching.  As I drove down the lane tiny shivers of joy ran up my body as I gazed at my favorite maple tree.  It was starting to change colors! It is by far the Queen of Fall trees and never fails […]

Fall Fun.

Costumes,  Jack-o-Lanterns, Fall Leaves, Corn Shocks, Scarecrows and Pumpkins… Fall fun has a wide variety of options available for hours of enjoyment. Here are a few ideas to get you started. Enjoy!     One year I remember cutting out felt eyes, nose and mouth and stitching it on a pair of orange pajamas whose cuffs […]

Leaf Person/Family

Fall is the perfect time to explore the beautiful, bountiful treasures of nature.        Give each child a bag to pick up their favorite Fall treasures, then head outdoors to explore.  After your expedition, come inside and have a show and tell of what each person found.  This is a great time to share feelings and thoughts about […]