Parent Resource Introduction

“It takes a village” is a common saying and it is so true. So, when Hidden Splendor finds a resource that helps and assists parents and families, they are only too happy to share. The family unit is the cornerstone of society!  It’s health is vital to the social wellness of our country’s future.  Anything we […]

Good Old Fashion Fun!

Source: Miraculous, Magical Moments in Minutes: Over 500 Quick, Easy Activities for Adults and Children to Share, by Becky Baxa. More information can be found on pages 83-88 Drop the clothespin in a bottle. If you don’t have any clothespins, play a modified version of this long time favorite. Use an un-sharpened pencil and an […]

Another Day… All Home Together… What Will We Do?

With the outbreak of Coronovirus, families have found themselves together for days on end with more days to come. Homeschooling may not be your thing and now you are faced with 24/7 responsibilities. As you place on the hat of teacher, as well as parent, many are scrambling for resources and ideas. We certainly don’t […]

What Do You think?

It is rather exciting!  Creating Magical Moments Blog has people peeking in from over 18 countries.   We would like to know what you think?    What brings you back to this site?  What are you looking for?    What type of activities would you like to see more of?    What are some of your […]

Building Stronger Families…One Moment at a Time

Strong families are essential for a healthy society. Strong societies build a better world.   You can make a difference in our world by focusing on the importance of your family unit. Strong families are built with effective communication and strong relationships. Strong families do not just happen… they have to be built. It is […]