Spring Has Sprung!

I love spring! Everything is fresh and new. The air smells clean with a hint of perfume. My lungs can’t seem to get enough of the sweet, fresh air as I take in gulps to quench the thirst ending the long days of Winter.   Warm rays of sunshine kiss my face and spring winds tease […]

Who Am I?

Do you have some old file folders?  Don’t throw them away! They can still provide some fun and entertainment for you kids. ยท Who am I?     Paste a large picture of an animal inside a used or new file folder.  Pictures can be found in magazines, calendars, computer, fronts of cereal boxes, or even old greeting […]

How Far Is It?

After surgery one time I counted the steps to the kitchen, bathroom and living room from my bed.  It was amazing how far away some things seemed at that point in time!  So, I made daily goals to get farther and farther each day, until the bounce was back into my step! Now, that made […]