After surgery one time I counted the steps to the kitchen, bathroom and living room from my bed.  It was amazing how far away some things seemed at that point in time!  So, I made daily goals to get farther and farther each day, until the bounce was back into my step!

Now, that made me think… wouldn’t this be a fun game of prediction for kids?  Just for kicks and grins, everyone guess how far it is from point A to point B.  Then, with normal steps, find out who had the closest prediction.  Does it take mom or dad less steps to get someplace than sister or brother?  Why would that be? 

Do you know how many steps it is to the refrigerator from the couch?  Or, from the table to the sink?  How about from your bed to the bathroom? How many steps get you from downstairs to upstairs, or into the front door?  How far is it from the front door to the mailbox? How many steps are there from the front door to the backdoor…around your house or yard?  How many steps does it take to get from your house to the neighbors?  What other ideas can you think of?

This game of prediction can be played with anyone of walking age. With toddlers you may just walk with them and count as they take each step.  It can be played for as long as the attention span of the players.  Get ready for amazement as you discover if you are good at predictions. This is great counting practice too!

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