Plastic Egg Fun!

For weeks we have been counting the days until the official start of Spring. And, today is the day! Spring is a time of fresh new beginnings. Baby animals and birds are┬ábeing born. Plants poke their heads up through the ground after a long Winter’s nap. They shed their warm coats, opening up their buds […]

Quick, Easy Christmas Activities

  During the Christmas season, life can become hectic, to say the least.  But, it is important to remember not to let the urgent things keep you away from the important things. Take time to play with your kids each day.  Here are a few quick, easy, fun ideas.  If you have older children they […]

Once Upon a Time…

Always remember…Kids are the greatest experts at creativity and imagination! So, play upon that strength and delightful, refreshing characteristic  to fill your time together with fun! Imagine this… you are on a road trip, waiting for a train to go by, sitting in the doctor’s office, standing in line, waiting for a show/movie to start […]