Always remember…Kids are the greatest experts at creativity and imagination!

So, play upon that strength and delightful, refreshing characteristic
 to fill your time together with fun!
Imagine this… you are on a road trip, waiting for a train to go by, sitting in the doctor’s office, standing in line, waiting for a show/movie to start or sharing an afternoon with supposedly
 “nothing to do”.  This is the time to take a “mind trip” to lands unknown.
The older the child, the more elaborate the storytelling and plot will become. 
Tween and teenagers could have such fun with this!


Kids love to tell stories, so set the stage to let their imagination soar.  One person begins a story with a sentence or two.  The next person adds to what the first person has said.  Continue the story, adding twists and turns in the story line and plot, until you come to a good ending or run out of time.
Some great story starters:
*  One person’s imaginative idea
*  A recent event in the family (an upcoming trip, a new pet or sibling, the start of a new school year,
    a new neighbor, etc.)
*  A recent event in the news
*  Pick out a  person walking by, standing nearby or in the car beside you. Create a story about what
    you think their life may be like, where they were born, how many siblings they have, their
    occupation, etc.
*  A picture from the newspaper, magazine or a book
*  Use a story book.  Look at the pictures and without reading it, make up a new story to correspond
     to the pictures.
*  A photo
*  Cut out pictures from magazines, old calendars, greeting cards etc.  Place them randomly into
    a folder or envelope.  Begin the story by pulling out a picture.  Then, when ideas are needed to
   continue the story, pull out another picture.
*  What other ideas do you have?
 Video record your “add-on story” and play it back all at one time.  Imagine the laughter that would follow! 
Or, you could use this as a great writing prompt. When finished, write down the story in a journal ( a spiral notebook works great).  Add to the journal each time you play the game.  What fun it would be to read the journal entries as a bedtime story.  Kids would love to have their own creation read to them.  Older children can write down the stories themselves.  Adults would write for the younger child.  This, in itself, could be a family activity.
This activity is a good way to build language and thinking skills.  It lets kids practice putting a story in order and helps with memory skills.  But despite the educational and intellectual advantages, it is just plain FUN!
Enjoy your next adventure!

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