Ways to Keep Your Kids Summer Safe, Fun and Productive

Hidden Splendor was recently contacted by http://mydadventures.com mydadventures offered an article that shared ideas and resources tohelp continue learning (in fun and creative ways) through the summer months for the school-age/older child. June, July and August provide opportunities for our children to continue learning in a non-school setting. This is ideal for the student who […]

Fun, Colorful and Festive Ice Cubes!

Summer has officially arrived! And, with that comes the dog days of summer! “Dress- Up” your favorite summer drink with flavored, colorful ice cubes! Below are a few recipes that my kids loved (the whole family actually) that can perk up your day, cool off a hot, weary body; and, add a splash of fun and pep to […]

Water Mist Fun

I love going to zoos and parks that have mist coming up out of the sidewalk.  It is so much fun to watch the children playing in the mist as the sun creates rainbows through the water droplets around their smiling, giggling faces!  Or, even better to go to an amusement park and walk through […]

Water Balloons!

The sun is blazing, it is hot outside.  The kids are bored and it is too hot to think about doing anything!  Now is the PERFECT time to pull out a bag of balloons,  put on your swim suits and have a family water fight!  Recently, I volunteered for Vacation Bible School. The first couple […]