I love going to zoos and parks that have mist coming up out of the sidewalk.  It is so much fun to watch the children playing in the mist as the sun creates rainbows through the water droplets around their smiling, giggling faces!  Or, even better to go to an amusement park and walk through a mist tunnel on a hot summer day.

You can recreate this pleasure at home using an empty spray bottle!

Decorate your empty spray bottles with permanent markers, identifying the owner and letting each person’s personality emerge.  Then on a hot day, fill them up with water, go outside  and have fun spraying each other. It is almost as fun as squirt guns, only you have to get closer to the person you are spraying.  This makes it more adventurous and the squealing gets louder!  🙂
Try spraying the sidewalk or the side of the house.  The sun will evaporate the water quickly. 

Stand in the sun so as to make a shadow on the sidewalk.  Have someone mist in the outline of your shadow.  Step away and your shadow remains.  Estimate how long it will take to disappear.

Spray the plants and make their leaves shine.  On a hot, dry day you will almost hear them sigh in relief.

What else can you think of to do?

This Blog Post is inspired from the book:
Miraculous, Magical Moments in Minutes:
Over 500 Quick, Easy Activities for Adults and Children to Share
by Becky B. Baxa
If you would like more fun ideas to share with your children
(that do not require batteries or electronics )
you can purchase this 180 page book,
full of color photos,
for $21.95
from Amazon.com or Etsy.com
from the gift shop at Shaw Nature Reserve in Gray Summit, MO,
Silver Dollar City -General Store in Branson, MO .
This book can also be checked out of the following libraries:
Scenic Regional Library – Union and Pacific, MO
First Christian Church – Washington, MO
Hawaii State Library – Honolulu, HI
Story City Public Library – Story City, IA
Ellsworth Public Library – Ellsworth, ME

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