Let Them Be Kids!

When my children were between the ages of 4 and 9 we lived in a place that was very flat geographically.  However, we had a ditch in our front yard that collected with water when it rained.   The boys would watch it fill with anticipation  and as soon as the storm would pass they threw off […]

Water Painting

It is 84 degrees today. The sun is shining  brightly, the trees are starting to turn and there is a wonderful smell of expectancy in the air. The crops in the fields have turned beautiful shades of brown resulting in a flurry of activity as harvest begins.  It is a perfect Fall day! Most pools have been […]

Water Mist Fun

I love going to zoos and parks that have mist coming up out of the sidewalk.  It is so much fun to watch the children playing in the mist as the sun creates rainbows through the water droplets around their smiling, giggling faces!  Or, even better to go to an amusement park and walk through […]