Water Play for a Hot Day!

Today the forecast is for 101 degrees Fahrenheit! I do believe you could probably fry an egg on the sidewalk!   So, when the age old “I’m bored” bounces from the walls, here is a water play activity to try.   Have fun!    It’s hot, the sun is blazing and you can’t make it to […]

Water Painting

It is 84 degrees today. The sun is shining  brightly, the trees are starting to turn and there is a wonderful smell of expectancy in the air. The crops in the fields have turned beautiful shades of brown resulting in a flurry of activity as harvest begins.  It is a perfect Fall day! Most pools have been […]

Water Balloons!

The sun is blazing, it is hot outside.  The kids are bored and it is too hot to think about doing anything!  Now is the PERFECT time to pull out a bag of balloons,  put on your swim suits and have a family water fight!  Recently, I volunteered for Vacation Bible School. The first couple […]

Water “Painting”

It’s hot, the sun is blazing and you can’t make it to the pool.  You don’t have a sprinkler, so what can you do to cool off? Grab an empty, clean dish detergent bottle.  Fill it with water and head to the sidewalk. Water art is fun for the older child and just squirting water […]