Today the forecast is for 101 degrees Fahrenheit!
I do believe you could probably fry an egg on the sidewalk! 
 So, when the age old “I’m bored” bounces from the walls, here is a water play activity to try.
Have fun! 
It’s hot, the sun is blazing and you can’t make it to the pool. 
You don’t have a sprinkler, so what can you do to cool off?
Grab an empty, clean dish detergent bottle.  Fill it with water and head to the sidewalk.

Water art is fun for the older child and
just squirting water all over the place is fun for the littlest child. 
This is a fun way to “paint” pictures on the side of the house too.  
Predict how long it will take for your creations to evaporate.  Which piece of “art” lasts the longest?
Let your school -age children research the properties of evaporation. 
What other experiments can you do with this concept?

Another way to cool off is to fill a spray bottle with water and have a water mist “fight”!
Don’t forget the sunscreen!

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