Are you looking for a unique way to incorporate the real Christmas Story into your family celebration?  Are you searching for a way to capture your kid’s attention?

You are invited to hear and watch as the Christmas Story is read from the Holy Bible in Hidden Splendor’s You Tube presentation.

Focus on the facts of Christmas. What things have been added and subtracted in the versions we hear in movies, plays and see in holiday decorations?  Hear the complete Christmas story of the birth of Jesus, as told through Holy scriptures in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke. This presentation of the Christmas story is read in various scenes with special appearances from “Emma” & “Lacy”, curious goats; and, the innocent bystander, “Bea” a Sicilian donkey.

Hidden Splendor’s You Tube production is not professionally filmed; but, produced from the heart, so that you can hear about the heart and true meaning of Christmas.

View the story here:


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