A deep muscle relaxing sigh escaped, as the rush and stress of the day slowly drained from my body.  A gentle breeze seemed to be passing out hugs on its way to sway the trees in the night. I stared in amazement at the show before my eyes!

The moon was just a sliver tonight, like the end of your thumbnail.  Moonbeams slid down and danced around the yard.  The stars winked as they peeked through the dark of the evening.  What amazed me the most was that there were big fluffy clouds!  I don’t remember watching the stars with so many clouds before.  Their shadows floating and changing shapes above my head.

Star watching doesn’t have to be a big fancy event.  It can be done while standing, sitting, laying down or floating on the water.  It is a simple, easy way to share a moment with the loved ones in your family.

Enjoy the wonder and amazement of the expanse of our universe.  If your child seems particularly interested with lots of questions, use this as a learning opportunity.  Check out books from the library and extend the moments together.  Visit a planetarium, make a solar system with Styrofoam balls… the options are endless.

But, we got off track.  The point is… the simple, easy opportunity to just sit, watch and enjoy each others company.

Happy Stargazing!

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