Does it really matter what age you are?  Bird watching is fun, no matter if you are 3 years or 93 years old.

I sat this morning and watched the activity around the window bird feeder. It is no wonder that it is a favorite spot for the loved ones, of all ages, in my life.

The mighty oak in the center of the back yard acts as the main “terminal”.  At times it is filled with color and activity.  The tiny birch tree is the “landing strip” where the next bird allowed into the feeder waits their turn.  Dozens of birds in all shapes, colors and sizes take turns zooming in for a landing to scoop up their next meal.

It amazes me at the pecking order.  Sassy blue jays cower at the woodpecker.  Cardinals are shy and don’t fair well with sharing.  The tiny Titmouse sneaks around the corner to grab a seed hoping to not be detected by the larger birds.  Doves perch on the top using their size to butt into line. The parade of color, sizes and personalities entertain and amuse. 

Some of the birds crack open their seeds in the feeder with mighty pliers like beaks.  Longer skinnier beaks gobble down numerous seeds and fly off.  We even had a woodpecker that tapped on the window when the feeder became empty—his rat-a-tat-tat startling the humans on the other side of the glass.

Last week a Carolina wren set up housekeeping in the pool’s rolled up solar blanket that had been left on the patio!  Five tiny cream colored eggs with dark brown spots were produced.  Her nest filled with a soft lining woven from the donkey and goat hair found at the barn.  Amazing… 

The little twigs the male wren left sticking out of the door openings have been pulled in.  It was discovered that our scolding little wren, who had been courting, has now established two families in different wren houses.

The hummingbirds buzz around the deck drinking nectar from the abundance of colorful flowers and fight over the feeder in their territorial style.


Never a dull moment…birds are a great and continual source of entertainment!  Acquire a book or download an app. about birds and learn the habits of the birds in your backyard.  Learn to identify the different songs of each bird.  Put up houses and feeders.  Use a pair of binoculars to get a closer look.

Enjoy the antics and brilliant colors that birds can provide.  Introduce the joys of bird watching to your children today!  What a great family activity and a potential lifelong interest/hobby.

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