Showing affection and caring can be shown in many ways.  

Do you have a child that doesn’t want to be hugged anymore?  
Is your child embarrassed if you hug or kiss them in front of their friends or in public!
Is there someone in your life that is going through a rough time and you want a creative way to encourage them, let them know that you care and give them affirmation?
Are you going on a trip and want to leave a “good night kiss” for your loved one?

Here are some alternatives to let your special people know you love and care about them.

A Paper “Hug”        
 Trace your hands onto paper of your choice.  Attach ribbon, string or yarn with tape or a stapler.  Your “hug” is ready to send through the mail or leave in a place where your special someone will find it.
Leaving for the night or taking a trip?  
Leave a good night “kiss” on you little one’s pillow.  (this works for big people you love too! )
Send a “kiss” with the child who is anxious when you separate at daycare or school.
Find your favorite lipstick and start “working”.
Leave a kiss, along with a greeting, on the bathroom/bedroom mirror.  
Kiss the inside of a greeting card or the back of an envelope.  
Kiss little pieces of paper cut out with a pair of scissors that make a pattern and leave them…
 in lunch boxes,
 inside of a pair of shoes,
 in a drawer, 
under a plate,
inside a mitten, boot or coat pocket.  You get the idea.
Kiss the paper napkin before you set the table or pack a lunch.
The ideas are as endless as your imagination!
   Let a chocolate kiss be your messenger of affection.  Leave them in places for your loved ones to find.  Place on their pillow at bed time, next to their dinner plate, in a sack lunch, on top of their favorite book.  Tape or using a drop of glue, stick a kiss to a brightly colored piece of paper with a message from you.
Sample messages:   Thinking of you
                               I Love You
                               Good Luck today
                               You are terrific
                               You light up my world
                               You are one of a kind
                               You are special
                               Hey, did you know I really like you?

Every day is the perfect time to tell someone that you love them and care about them.

Can you think of some more ideas to try?

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