Another Day… All Home Together… What Will We Do?

With the outbreak of Coronovirus, families have found themselves together for days on end with more days to come. Homeschooling may not be your thing and now you are faced with 24/7 responsibilities. As you place on the hat of teacher, as well as parent, many are scrambling for resources and ideas. We certainly don’t […]

Developing Successful Adults!

What life skills can you teach your child today?    There are many chores that children can do around the home. Not only do chores prepare children for independent living, it teaches responsibility and assists in developing a positive self esteem.  Create the motto, “a family that works together has more time to play together”.  Do […]

Are We There Yet? Traveling With Children.

As summer winds down, many families are hitting the road with one last trip celebrating freedom before school starts for another school year.  Then, all too quickly, the holidays will be upon us and many will travel to visit family.  There are also many other reasons you may be traveling with your children.  As you think […]

The 21st Century Parent Challenge

Take the 21st Century Parent Challenge… Today, have you: …looked at your child in the eyes ? …smiled at your child? …shared a laugh? …shared some un-interrupted time together? …turned off all electronic devices and had a face-to-face conversation? …listened to your child’s hopes, dreams and fears? Poem’s Source Unknown Photo source: Inspired from […]

Let Them Be Kids!

When my children were between the ages of 4 and 9 we lived in a place that was very flat geographically.  However, we had a ditch in our front yard that collected with water when it rained.   The boys would watch it fill with anticipation  and as soon as the storm would pass they threw off […]