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Back to School! Let the Learning Begin!

  Sight Word Fun! Parents can help reinforce classroom learning through fun, exciting games at home  in ways that kids will never even know they are still learning! For your new reader, here are a few ideas to practice sight words: 1.  Hide and Seek  Using Post-It Notes,  cardboard, construction paper, deck of cards or note […]

More Than a Piece of Chalk

Chalk… a stick of originally white porous sedimentary carbonate rock.  A form of limestone composed of the mineral calcite.  It gets on our fingers and clothes and now , a popular children’s “toy” available in a rainbow of colors for children to play with each summer. Such a scientific description for a whole lot of […]

I Want it My Way! A Party Pleasing Entree

I want it my way… The guest list was full and the kitchen would be packed.  Everyone had an opinion on the type of pizza they wanted for this momentous occasion of my grand daughter’s first birthday.  Thick crust, thin crust, original crust… pepperoni, extra cheese, olives, green peppers, Canadian bacon, anchovies??? Really?  The list went on and […]

Queen Anne’s Lace—Flower Dyeing Experiment

Recently we traveled to central Missouri on a boating trip.  We passed fields and ditches of dainty Queen Anne’s lace gently blowing in the wind.  It was if someone was shaking a delicate lace table cloth. Over and over I sucked in a breath of wonder at the colorful feast before my eyes.  Everywhere you looked white Queen Anne’s Lace, bright […]

Fun, Colorful and Festive Ice Cubes!

Summer has officially arrived! And, with that comes the dog days of summer! “Dress- Up” your favorite summer drink with flavored, colorful ice cubes! Below are a few recipes that my kids loved (the whole family actually) that can perk up your day, cool off a hot, weary body; and, add a splash of fun and pep to […]

Water Play for a Hot Day!

Today the forecast is for 101 degrees Fahrenheit! I do believe you could probably fry an egg on the sidewalk!   So, when the age old “I’m bored” bounces from the walls, here is a water play activity to try.   Have fun!    It’s hot, the sun is blazing and you can’t make it to […]

Plastic Egg Fun!

For weeks we have been counting the days until the official start of Spring. And, today is the day! Spring is a time of fresh new beginnings. Baby animals and birds are being born. Plants poke their heads up through the ground after a long Winter’s nap. They shed their warm coats, opening up their buds […]

Rescue resource for “I’m bored” days!

Family Activity Book Miraculous, Magical Moments in Minutes:  Over 500 Quick, Easy Activities for Adults and Children to Share  by Becky Baxa Available from Amazon.com see details below.   This book is available from http://www.Amazon.com in both paperback and electronic versions. This book would make an excellent resource for days  when kids declare “I’m bored”.    […]

Packing Peanut Play – Indoor Snow?

The doorbell rang.  I ran through the house and threw open the door. A smile pulled up both corners of my mouth as I could not contain my excitement.  As the roar of the delivery truck faded in the distance I reached down to pick up today’s box with wonder.  Daily arrivals brought gift orders […]