As I drove to town today I enjoyed the most amazing skyline.  Huge fluffy cumulus clouds decorated a clear blue sky.  Shades of whites, grays and blues decorated the horizon as if someone had whipped up a big batch of whipped cream and flung dollops into the air.. It was a fun sky, filled with every possible shape and size.  Cirrus clouds crowded into the scene, as if not wanting to be left out of the action.  It was a perfect day for picture taking… and for playing with kids.
Several days ago, my husband pointed out a cloud in the sky that looked like a man’s face.  As we drove along we took note as it changed.  Our cloud man’s nose grew, his chin lengthened, he puckered up his lips and eventually he disappeared.  It was great entertainment for quite a few miles.
Kids are even better at this game than adults.  Finding shapes in the clouds is an age old activity that never gets old.  Play it for a few minutes or for an hour, what ever you like.  The youngest child to the oldest adult can play and enjoy this activity.  Play it while driving on a trip, floating in a boat, sitting on your deck or lying down in your yard or nearby park.  You can even play this by looking out your window.  Wherever you are, this is sure to bring a smile and a batch of fun to your day.
If you have an older child who would like to explore clouds in more depth,  learn the names of the clouds and investigate more about meteorology.  Don’t forget the library has great resources to learn about a new topic.
Here is a little chart and a website to get you started.


Web Weather for Kids

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