Nature Detective

We are now in the heart  of fall, a beautiful season! Today’s activity is so simple you will wonder why you hadn’t thought of it… or maybe you have!  yea!    Grab a basket, shopping bag or some type of container with handles.   Grab a coat and bug spray, if needed, and head outside.   […]

Cloud Creatures

  As I drove to town today I enjoyed the most amazing skyline.  Huge fluffy cumulus clouds decorated a clear blue sky.  Shades of whites, grays and blues decorated the horizon as if someone had whipped up a big batch of whipped cream and flung dollops into the air.. It was a fun sky, filled with […]

Cloud Picture Show

Yesterday was a picture perfect Autumn day.  The sun shone brightly on the emerging colors that announce that fall has arrived.  There was a brisk, cool breeze that nipped at your nose, made your hair fly around in crazy patterns and instinctively commanded you hug your jacket close around your neck.  The air smelled like fall.  How can you […]

Cloud Pictures

            Take a family “time-out”!  When the sky fills up with big, puffy clouds bordered by the most gorgeous blue, pull out the lawn chairs or lay on a blanket searching the clouds for pictures.  Can you convince someone else of the picture you see?  Does everyone see the same things?  I see a heart.  Do you?