Staying in touch and communicating with your loved ones does not always involve talking, texting or emailing.  Try a new creative approach! Watch hearts melt and relationships get stronger.
My husband left on a business trip today.  I secretly hid a card in the folds of one of his shirts.  Our tradition…a note or card for each day he will be gone.  Sometimes I hide a note, or I kiss a piece of paper and add a little note, then slip the kiss and message in unsuspecting places… in his shirt or pant pocket, in a shoe, inside the folded laptop computer or in the side of his briefcase.  
Then  at the most unexpected moments, he will know that I am thinking of him,
supporting him and love him.
This reminded me of the days when my kids were at home.  Until the day they left as adults on their own, a bar of soap, a tube of lipstick, a pad of stickee notes and pen composed
 my tools for staying connected.  These simple tools helped reassure my kids that they were loved, supported and had encouragement from me.
An appropriate message, written with a bar of soap, on the bathroom mirror is
 an excellent way to encourage your child or brighten their day. 
Maybe it’s just to say “HI” or to say “I love you” to the tween or teen that is starting to bristle when you say it in person.  It might be an encouragement for that day’s event:  test, game, competition, dance performance or music recital.
 Don’t worry, it washes off and leaves a sparkling clean mirror on cleaning day.
You probably remember when you said “moooommmm!” and wiped off her morning kiss as you left the house.  When kids enter this stage, you can still show them affection with a different kind of kiss that has the same “I Love You” message. 
You can leave a kiss at the bottom of your mirror message. 
 Add a kiss to the bottom of a greeting card or just on a single piece of paper with a message. 
 Leave these tiny encouragers, support and affirmation of love in random places. 
on the mirror, in a shoe, shirt/coat/pants pocket, in a backpack, on the rear view mirror or dash of the new driver’s car, inside the cover of a textbook in a subject that is a struggle, randomly throughout a book on different pages…like the end of the chapter or on a page of difficult problems, inside a purse or wallet, on a pillow at night, on a dresser or front of the refrigerator.
Can you think of more exciting places?

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