What life skills can you teach your child today?  

 There are many chores that children can do around the home. Not only do chores prepare children for independent living, it teaches responsibility and assists in developing a positive self esteem.  Create the motto, “a family that works together has more time to play together”.  Do not make chores a punishment or dreaded task, but simply a part of everyday family routines in which everyone pitches in.   

Make sure chores are age appropriate.  For example, it would be inappropriate to say, “go in and clean your room” to a 4 year old.  They would not know where to begin.  But, breaking it down into manageable tasks and slowly teaching where toys are stored.   Make sure to pitch in and help too, especially at the beginning.  This will help teach responsibility.  Instead say, “pick up all the blocks”  then check that job before assigning the task of picking up all the cars, etc.  Having containers that are labeled with photos that match a shelf with the same photo makes picking up toys a fun and achievable matching game.  Toys boxes just “ask” children to dump everything out to see what is in the bottom of the box!
Here is a list to help you think of ideas that are age appropriate.  Remember, trust, but validate.  They are after all still children.  Children need to be coached, taught, encouraged, praised and checked .  
Do not expect perfection.  DO expect to check and  follow-up.  
Source:  http://www.flandersfamily.info

Inspired by the book:

Miraculous, Magical Moments in Minutes: Over 500 Quick, Easy Activities for Adults and Children to Share

by Becky Baxa
Available from http://www.Amazon.com
in both paperback and electronic versions.
Blog posts are many times an extension of this book. 

We started at 500+ and are counting upward and onward!

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