Today is National Flashlight day… who would have guessed?

I stumbled across this tidbit of information when looking for flashlight visuals to go along with today’s miraculous, magical moments activity ideas.  In addition to the safety tips provided in this web post, try the fun activities that follow from Hidden Splendor!

“When : Always December 21

Don’t be left in the dark on National Flashlight Day. The basic
requirement for this day, is a flashlight and good batteries. Flick the switch,
and you can put anything into your spotlight.

We’d like to shed a little light on this special day. National Flashlight
arrives on Winter Solstice, which is the shortest day…and longest
night…. of the year. “Watt” that means, is that there’s lots and lots of
darkness. With all of those dark hours, your flashlight is apt to get a good

You never know when you will need a flashlight. National Flashlight Day is a
good day to make sure you and your family know where the flashlights are. Test
each flashlight, to be sure the batteries are good. When in doubt, replace the
batteries with new ones. It is also a good idea to put a flashlight in your car.

Did You Know? The flashlight was invented in 1898 by Joshua Lionel
Cowen. However, this wasn’t his greatest invention. He also invented the Lionel


 Flashlight Activity Ideas from Hidden Splendor

  • Flashlight Magic

Using a high intensity flashlight, turn it on and hold it up to your palm.   Look at the back of your hand.  What do you see? How well does the light shine through your hand?  Will the light shine through a blanket or pillow? Experiment with other items.
  •  Flashlight Constellations and Shapes

Cut out a circle from black construction paper the same size as the lens on your flashlight.  Cut out shapes or punch holes in the piece of paper.  Try tiny cookie cutters (depending on the size of your flashlight) or make your own creations.  Using a small hole punch or an ice pick would also help create fun designs.  Tape the paper onto the lens of your flashlight and turn it on.  Check out the shapes or constellations you can make on the wall or ceiling.
  •  Light Beams Chase

Several people turn on a flashlight, turn off all the lights in the room and lay on the floor or a bed. Then take turns “chasing” flashlight beams across the ceiling (or on a wall).

Photo source: 
  • Dancing Light Beams

Play your favorite music and make up a flashlight beam dance to the beat. Create a dancing performance around the room or on the ceiling.

Photo Source:

  • Undercover flashlight

Who can forget the fun it is to read under a blanket with a flashlight?  This can be done in bed or under your home-made tent inside the house.  Supplies needed?  a large blanket, a few chairs or pieces of furniture to drape your blanket over and a supply of your favorite books, flashlight, pillow and sleeping bag or blankets.  Of course this can be done on an outdoor camping trip too.

  •     You are in the spotlight!

Make learning great fun.  Gather up the flashcards your child is trying to learn – multiplication tables, addition, subtraction, sight words, alphabet, numbers, etc.  Lay the flashcards out on the floor in a random pattern (right side up for an easier version, upside down to add mystery)  Use a flashlight to highlight a card.  The child must solve the problem or name the item.  If they are correct they get to collect the card.  If not, tell the correct answer but the card stays on the floor.  Revisit that card until the child can get it correct immediately.  Continue shining your flashlight onto the remaining cards one at a time on the floor.  When all the cards are picked up the game is done, or you can play another round. 

  • Catch me if you can!

Turn your flashlight on and off in different spots on the floor and let your child try to “tag” with their foot or hand on the light before it moves.  Take turns with the flashlight.

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  • Tag Flashlight

This game is played outdoors.  Kids run around and try to escape being “tagged” by a flashlight beam.  Everyone gets a flashlight or they can take turns being “it”  seeing how many people they can get out when “caught”.

Revise this game for indoors.  Shine a flashlight on furniture and walls and let kids try to “catch” the light spot before it moves or goes off.

  • Light Messages

Use a flashlight to write a word, draw a shape or number.  The other people (person) playing with you tries to guess what you wrote.  Take turns writing and guessing.  Wouldn’t this be a fun way to assign chores for the day?  hmmm… 

  • Morse code

Use a flashlight to send Morse code messages to each other across a dark room or across the lawn.  What great fun this would be while camping in the backyard. 

Siblings sending messages after “lights out” would also be fun!  Parents, build this into your night time schedule. You have more darkness today than any other day of the year!

Since today is the shortest day of the year, it really isn’t so late when it gets dark. 
So, plan some flashlight fun to occupy the darkness.


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