Think Before You Toss! Make your gloves come to life!

You have been working hard and one of your rubber gloves has developed a hole or tear in it. 
Before you throw it out, STOP!  You can extend the life of those gloves. 
Turn the good parts into finger puppets!  Your kids will love them! 
These cute puppets are easy to make and store easily in a pocket or purse for those
“oh no!  we have to WAIT?  My kids will never behave that long” moments.
They are great for dramatic and role play, as well as storytelling. 
 There is a distinct possibility that your old gloves could provide hours of fun and entertainment.

Here is how to make glove puppets.

1.  Cut off the fingers of a glove about the length of your second knuckle.
You can also use a pair of new gloves, if desired.
I purchased a package of 2 pair of gloves at the Dollar Store (yes, for just $1)  to make these
“Minion”  puppets for my grandson’s 5th birthday party.
2.  Decorate the tips with faces and designs of your choice. 
An ink pen or permanent marker works well for this step.
 3,  Behold, a whole family of puppets are born!
The puppets below happen to be “Minions” from the movie, Despicable Me.
But, you can make your puppets look like people, animals, flowers, fruits and vegetables etc. 
Add hair,eyebrows, eye lashes, ears, jewelry or anything else you can think of to your puppets. 
Make puppets to match your favorite story book or television characters. 
Your imagination is the limits.  And, kids are the masters of imagination. 
All you have to do is supply the materials and head them in the right direction.

Want something a little more detailed and permanent? 

The process of making puppets can become a treasured activity memory for the older child. 
Or, if you are a “crafty” parent, you can make up these puppets to go along with your child’s favorite story book or movie characters for storytelling activities.

Here’s how…

The single winter or work glove can also be used to make puppets. Who knows where its mate ran off to, but you can’t find it anywhere.  Don’t despair, the remaining glove can still serve a wonderful purpose in your family.
 The entire glove can be five puppets connected together to tell  a story;  
or you can snip off the fingers and make finger puppets. 
Supplies/Equipment Needed 
Permanent markers or fabric markers can help you make the faces along with scraps of felt or fabric, yarn, mini pom-poms, sequins, bedazzle jewels, needle and embroidery thread, wiggle eyes, buttons, fake fur, scissors, tacky glue, or other materials laying around the house. 
Here are some pictures ideas. 
They are not my originals. Credit to their source is listed below each photo. 
Visit their sites for more ideas!
These puppets go along with the story “The Very Hungry Catepillar” by Eric Carle
Safety Precautions:  If you are not making story telling props, remember these are activities to do WITH your kids. especially if you are using permanent markers.  Provide protection for their clothes (an old men’s work shirt buttoned up the back makes an excellent “paint” smock) and also for your work surface.  Lay down a piece of newspaper, cut open a brown paper bag or use an old plastic tablecloth (the kind you use for parties.  Don’t throw these cheap plastic tablecloths away.  Clean off food spills and then save them for messy type of projects.  They are nice for painting drop cloths too).

Let the puppet shows begin! 

Have fun!  Who knows… this could be the highlight and on-going adventure of the summer!

Inspired from the book:
Miraculous, Magical Moments in Minutes:

Over 500 Quick, Easy Activities for Adults and Children to Share

by Becky Baxa
Available from
in both Kindle and Paperback versions

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